Monster Buddy

Monster Buddy is a companion app for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin that can help you learn or remember information useful during combat and general gameplay. It's not a complete guide, walkthrough or advanced character / gene planner (yet).

Power Speed Technical


  • Monster list with attack patterns, weapon and elemental weaknesses
  • Monstie list with attack types, retreat conditions, locations and stats
  • Visual egg list with search, sorting and filtering
  • Catavan stands with list of monsters you will find nearby
  • Elder's Lair overview to quickly find high rank monsters on each floor
  • Co-Op quest list to see which eggs will be available in the different dens
  • Riding action list and which monsties will learn them
  • Keeps track of your recently viewed monsters, monsties and eggs for fast and easy navigation
  • Bookmark monsters to quickly check their attack patterns
  • Bookmark your favorite monsties to find them quickly
  • Bookmark eggs to quickly find what your are currently looking for

Spoiler Warning

This contains names and images of monsters, names of locations, information that can make combat easier, information on which monsters can become monsties, etc. If you don't want that information just yet proceed at your own discretion.